Our Partners

Our Member Partners

We are pleased to recognize these businesses that are part of our membership and are giving a discount or a portion of their proceeds back to GW4W.


BuddhaBooth®, created by Francine Steadman, is your ‘Om away from home.’ BuddhaBooth’s are portable quiet spaces for peace, quiet and the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit amid the chaos of daily life. BuddhaBooth is giving GW4W $100. for every booth sold, dedicated to research.


Clocr (short for Cloud Locker) is the industry’s first all-in-one “Legacy Planning & Disbursement Platform” for online accounts and digital assets. Clocr empowers you to efficiently organize your online accounts and enables you to designate your heirs who can legally access these accounts incase of incapacity or death. Clocr also offers a unique, patent-pending Time Capsule feature that allows you to pass-on your legacy, memories, and messages to your loved ones in the future. Clocr built a unique patent-pending security platform that shreds the files and passwords.
90-day Free Trial: https://www.clocr.com/#/signup/GW4W_90day


gennev has a global mission to empower every woman to take control of her health in menopause. Started in 2016 by Founder and CEO, Jill Angelo, gennev is demystifying the midlife health transition every women goes through by offering trusted content, community, products and resources personalized for a woman’s menopause profile. And, tele-health access to health providers is coming soon! Backed by a community of OBGYN physicians, health providers, technologists, and business experts, gennev aspires to bring the benefits of digital health management for menopause to millions. Join us and be empowered to take control of your health.

Maripossa Wellness

Maripossa Wellness provides innovative wellness solutions and programs to inspire healthier daily choices and boost employee vitality. Founder and CEO, Karina Muller is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, a certified RYT-500 Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, certified in Body Tuning (alternative physical therapy techniques), a Reiki level II practitioner as well as a Stress Management provider for the Dr. Ornish Reversal of Heart Disease Program. 1% of sales on essential oils come back to GW4W.

Mark Edward Partners Insurance (MEP)

  • Mark Edward Partners has established themselves as a leader in the insurance brokerage industry and values the contributions of its employees who fully support the great strides that minorities, women and the LGBTQ community have made as leaders within their company and industry.
  • Through their commitment to diversity and inclusion, MEP has a dedicated unit that focuses exclusively on helping the underserved personal and commercial risk management needs of businesses owned by women, minorities and the LGBTQ community at large.

It is important that our community has access to resources to help them navigate the complex risk management challenges they face. MEP provides tailored solutions, advocacy and counsel directly from individuals with experience and that recognize and manage cultural biases in businesses.

Our GW4W contact at MEP is Colleen Quiggle-Miskulin. Colleen is a senior leader with over 30 years of experience working with a diverse group of personal and commercial clients.

Contact MEP

  • We invite you to reach out to the MEP Team to discuss both your personal and your commercial insurance needs for any business you own and/or manage.
  • MEP has committed to help any GW4W member with their commercial needs whether you are a start-up, small business, middle market company or large organization.

How MEP can help you.

  • MEPs approach is consultative and is not to randomly go out to market or obtain quotes but to provide at no cost or obligation an in-depth review on your current portfolio of coverages.
  • A review is developed and created internally with their own intellectual capital and understanding of the markets not by going out for quotes.
  • Renewal dates are not important, as any deficiencies in the policies can be identified and corrected to protect you and/or your business.
  • All that is needed to conduct the review is complete copies of the policies currently in force.

What they may find: what you are doing right, any shortcomings, gaps and excessive premiums paid.  They will also make recommendations on coverages potentially missing from the portfolio to address specific exposures.

If MEP is successful in becoming the broker representative for any GW4W member, 10% of their proceeds annually will come back to GW4W to help fuel our research.  This commitment will continue for as long as they represent the member.

Contact Information

For a no obligation, no cost review, contact Colleen at (917) 854-6789 or by email at ceq@markedwardpartners.com.

We believe this is a partnership that can help protect you and help your company thrive.  Reach out anytime to MEP.

Suite Break

SuiteBreak is a full-service vacation education, incentive and facilitation platform. We help companies reinforce their commitment to their employees’ personal time through engaging wellness-focused programs. GW4W understands the importance of de-stressing and unplugging. We are happy to provide our members with $1000 wellness dollars towards your next, well-deserved vacation. An account has been created for all GW4W members to take advantage of this great benefit.

Wisdom Works

Making thriving a priority is more than just a way to stay competitive. It’s a driver for creating a culture of sustainable engagement and high performance, where people bring their best energies to their whole lives, including their jobs, and are refreshed by working in your organization. We help people and organizations get more connected, more creative, more productive—and more profitable. Join CEO of Wisdom Works, Dr. Renee Moorefield, for a virtual Women’s Leadership Program that will ignite the path to your full potential, called Women Who Lead: Women’s Leadership Program. 1% of proceeds come back to GW4W.

Interested in learning more or becoming a member partner?