London, UK – 5 March 2020

From Bias to Thriving: Women, Leadership and Better Wellbeing

Hosted by: Willis Towers Watson

51 Lime Street, London

5 March | 17:00-21:00

From Bias to Thriving: Women, Leadership and Better Wellbeing

True change starts with genuine and intentional collaboration. That’s why we are inviting company leaders, academics, advocates for women, and students to lend your voice and experiences to a conference dedicated to raising the bar for women’s mental wellness, promoting equity for women at work, and eliminating the gender-wage gap in London on International Women’s Day.

Who is this event for? Corporate leaders at all levels, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, college students (our next generation leaders), and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Why attend? You’ll leave with:

· Better understanding of the specific barriers and how they are interconnected

· Real personal stories from seasoned leaders, the lessons learned, and practical ways to more quickly address gender bias

· Effective approaches to bringing more male leadership not only into the discussion, but active gender bridge builders in their organisation

· Clearer understanding of the key barriers to better mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and how to address them

· New connections with like-minded leaders at all levels

Join us. You and your team can accelerate positive change in your organisation with real action steps. As a next generation leader, you can learn to avoid missteps. As a seasoned leader, you can connect with other leaders that are accelerating innovation for real gender change. You’ll be connected to other head, heart, hands leaders at all levels.

GW4W in London

Pay equity, healthcare equity and leadership equity are interconnected pieces to women leading well. It is more than mentoring. It is more than policies. We need a more strategic approach to meaningfully close the gender equity gap in the workplace. GW4W is here to facilitate accelerated and actionable steps forward. And we ground it is research.

Gender balance barriers are not specific to one industry or one region. As a global organization we bring regional diverse leadership and global leaders together to help accelerate positive gender balance change in organisations. Our cross-disciplinary discussions provide insights into what hasn’t worked in organisations, new strategic approaches and highlighting action steps that have led to measurable change.

We’ve carefully curated a group of cross disciplinary voices that include top business leaders, academics, and research-based experts who don’t just “talk” about wellness and gender equity but will bring action-based solutions to narrow the gap and help female leaders thrive. Our speakers include: Andreea Apostol, Dr. Dale Atkins, Chetan Bagga, Heather Connery, Daniel Hajjar, Jocelyn McDermid, Tangy Morgan, Oana Neumayer, Dr. Susan Nicholson, Dr. Jummy Okoya, Ryan Picarella, Asif Sadiq, Amanda Scott, and Stephen Young.

Why is this conversation important?

Very little funding goes specifically to women’s health research

Proceeds from this event will be used for much needed health research and development of more strategic solutions to address this gap and to deliver resources to business and community leaders. Partners will be listed as a contributor to the research. Our next research project will be conducted in collaboration with SHINE, The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Panel Discussions

Women, Leadership and Unaddressed Barriers

Despite a focus on women in leadership, there has been little change in most organisations and professions in the number of female senior leaders at the top. By understanding and recognising some of the biases and barriers, more companies can move towards better gender balanced teams. These biases and barriers are often the cause of burnout and turnover in female talent. The impact on mental health and wellbeing cannot go un-noticed. 

This panel of diverse leaders will share some lessons learned and action steps to support healthy female leadership. We will explore ways women can lead authentically and be at their best.

Male Leadership – More Than Allies

Senior male leaders can be active and intentional change agents in their organisations to create better bridge building opportunities. When leaders understand the business case for gender balanced teams, they can lead strategies to address gender and diversity bias.

Our male leadership panel will share examples that have helped address the gender gap, discuss the important business case to be made around equity, diversity, and inclusion and share how they personally lead initiatives that promote positive change.

Mental Wellbeing and Women’s Leadership

Data shows that women continue to face pay inequity, healthcare inequity and leadership inequity in the workplace. These gaps have often been viewed and addressed separately. By not understanding how they are interconnect, these siloed approaches have led to disproportionate stress and less than effective programmes to address these issues. There is a connection to how these inequities impact mental health and wellbeing for professional women. 

By understanding more of the challenges women uniquely face in the workplace, organisations can develop better integrated strategies that support all employees at all levels. Our panelists will touch on work and life challenges including stress, career growth, parenting, maternity, caregiving, financial concerns, hormonal changes and mental wellbeing.


Andreea  Apostol

Andreea Apostol joined Pfizer in 2011 and has held various roles ranging from corporate affairs, medical affairs, regulatory affairs and commercial business. More recently, Andreea is leading global regulatory integration of an oncology biotech company Pfizer has acquired. Andreea has been involved in D&I activities since 2015, with a focus on gender initiatives to build strategies on furthering the advancement and impact of women talent in the organisation. In 2016, Andreea joined the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and now leads its activities in the UK.

Dale Atkins, Ph.D.

Dr. Dale Atkins is a licenced psychologist and the author of seven books, including her most recent, “The Kindness Advantage.” She is a lecturer and keynote speaker as well as a recurrent guest expert in the U.S. media. She frequently appears on U.S. NBC-TV’s “The Today Show” and CNN’s Headline News.

Chetan Bagga

Chetan Bagga is Founder of Archetype Solutions Group, a Venture Capital firm that partners with mid-market enterprises to incubate disruptive product, operations, and distribution solutions. Chetan has been an early supporter and advocate for GW4W.

Heather Connery

Heather Connery is the CRB Strategic Project Lead at Willis Tower Watson, helping the GB Corporate Risk & Broking (CRB) business with strategic projects and strategic planning. In addition, she also leads CRB GB Learning & Development, CRB GB Innovation programme, and is the CRB GB Risk Coordinator. Heather is passionate about working with people with different wants and needs to help create a level playing field in education and business for all to thrive. At WTW she has worked on a number GB I&D initiatives and campaigns and is proud to be the GB Workability Co-chair as well as a Mental Health First Aid Champion, DisABILITY Champion & Dementia Friend. She also sits on the GB CSR Committee.

Daniel Hajjar

Daniel Hajjar is the Managing Principal of the HOK London Studio. Daniel’s international experience has been an important asset in the growth for HOK, in various geographic regions. Daniel believes that through his international experience embracing and understanding diversity is an essential attribute to a company’s success. By working across continents and cultures, Daniel believes this insight allows people to broaden their horizons, value difference and perspective, which exists amongst us all thus helping to engender a more positive culture in the workplace. In addition to the HOK Board of Directors, Daniel sits on the HOK Diversity Advisory Board.

Emma Knight

Emma Knight is Director of People and Development at Nest Corporation. Nest Corporation is a workplace pension scheme and has been a critical part of the UK’s Pension Reform Programme. This kick-started retirement saving for millions of workers who have never had the opportunity to build a private pension. Emma has 20+ experience in human resources and people development and has worked within the housing and higher education sectors. Emma has developed her career whilst bringing up 3 children in a changing working environment and is passionate to keep women in leadership and diversity on the agenda.

Jocelyn McDermid

Jocelyn McDermid is International Legal Counsel for the Patient and Health Impact division at Pfizer. In addition to her business role, Jocelyn leads the gender work stream as part of the UK Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee and is an advisor on the global legal Diversity and Equity Committee at Pfizer. In 2017 she led key aspects of an Europe-wide Inclusive Leadership project, and founded the UK WoMen’s Network. She works closely with HR and D&I specialists to close the Pfizer UK gender pay gap, as well as being instrumental in colleague training and awareness of equity and equality matters.

Tangy C Morgan MSc, CII

Tangy C Morgan MSc, CII is Senior Advisor to the Bank of England and Strategia Worldwide Ltd as Diversity & Inclusion, Technology, Resilience and Governance head. She is also Senior Advisor to the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority focused on capital, liquidity, solvency ratios, governance, senior management and operational resilience as well as internal and external work with banks and insurers operating within the UK. She is a mentor and advisor for technology start-ups and accelerators such as Techstars Barclays Shoreditch London. Ms. Morgan frequently speaks on topics such as operational resiliency, risk management, governance, diversity & inclusion and algorithmic bias.

Oana Neumayer

Oana Neumayer is a Senior Marketeer with international go-to-market experience for customer analytics technologies and data platforms (MarTech, FinTech, PropTech). A London Business School Alumna (Dist) with strong marketing experience (10+yrs in media, brand, CRM, data analytics, social, content management), Oana has a passion for technology disruption (8+ yrs of SaaS companies), and is comfortable with ambiguity.

Susan Nicholson, MD

Dr. Susan Nicholson, a physician and Vice President of Women’s Health for Johnson & Johnson (J & J), is responsible for the development and overarching strategy of J & J for Women’s Health globally. J & J has a long history in mother and baby care dating back to the very early days of the company. Dr. Nicholson is helping J & J with partners around the world to reimagine how to develop and deliver science-based, effective solutions to mothers and healthcare providers to minimise preventable injury.

Dr. Jummy Okoya

Dr. Jummy Okoya is the Associate Programme Leader of MSc Human Resource Management at the University of East London, Chair of UEL Women’s Network and the Equality and Diversity lead for her school. She is a positive psychology coach and recognised expert in organisational resilience and wellness. She holds a PhD in Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship and has expertise in developing the female talent pipeline and successfully getting more women into leadership positions. She is a visiting lecturer at many world-class institutions both in the UK, including the Imperial College Business School and overseas. She also manages international partnerships in Greece, Malaysia and Germany.

Ryan Picarella – Panel Moderator

Ryan Picarella, MS is President of the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). He ignites organizations and communities to create holistic wellness initiatives that improve the lives of working people in America and around the world. Ryan brings a deep interest in human connection, culture and psychology to a career that spans human resources, organizational development and wellness program design. He currently serves as an advisor on the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest (USA), a NIOSH Total Worker Health initiative and on the International WELL Building Institute advisory group.

Asif Sadiq

Asif Sadiq is Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for The Telegraph. He was formerly the Head of Diversity and Inclusiveness for EY Financial Services and previously the Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Unit for the City of London Police. Asif was honoured in 2017 in the Queen’s birthday honours list with an MBE for his services to Policing and Communities and is a member of the HR Guild, A Leadership Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows. St George’s House, Windsor Castle, A Member of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and is a Freeman of the City. Asif currently chair’s the Inclusion and Diversity board for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is also a Non Exec Director for the SAE Institute.

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott is a responsible for leading global client relationships and a team of over 300 Talent & Rewards experts across the UK. Passionate about sparking success for individuals and organisations all over the world, particularly as they navigate how best to shape the workforce of the future. Amanda has more than 15 years of experience in consulting. Her technical expertise ranges from human capital strategy to actuarial consulting in retirement.

Stephen Young

Stephen Young is global head of the Employee Insights practice for Willis Towers Watson. For over 25 years, Stephen has worked at board, senior management and senior HR level helping companies understand the impact of their people on their business and advising them on the changes they need to achieve high performance. Clients have included British American Tobacco, De Beers, Sainsbury’s, The Royal Bank of Scotland. Stephen specializes in people analytics and employee experience. He has a PhD in Organisational Psychology and is a Chartered Psychologist.

Special Honours

It is with distinct honour that we recognize Lord Loomba as the V.O.I.C.E. for Change Individual of the Year.

Founder and Chairman Trustee of The Loomba Foundation, the Lord Loomba is a philanthropist, founder and executive chairman of clothing company Rinku Group, and a member of the House of Lords. The Loomba Foundation’s global campaign is to eradicate discrimination against widows and give voice to the story of widows worldwide, spreading awareness of their plight.

Loomba has won other distinguished honours including Asian of the Year UK by Asian Who’s Who International and was appointed as Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) where he received his award from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Join us in celebrating his legacy and continued work on 5 March 2020 with more than 150 change-makers, corporate leaders, and advocates for women’s wellbeing.

There are many organizations that talk about making change, but very few walk the walk. That’s why we are excited and honoured to recognize Nest as the V.O.I.C.E. for Change Organization of the Year.

The National Employment Savings Trust is a defined contribution workplace pension scheme in the United Kingdom. NEST set a three-year target for 30% of director and above positions to be held by women. As of December 2019, 37% of Directors and above are women and 43% of senior management are women.

We invite you to help us celebrate the commitment and strides that NEST is making in the workplace by joining us on 5 March 2020.

Corporate Partners – Join us!

GW4W invites sharing of successful gender building and leadership initiatives from our partnering organisations as we collaborate in our shared mission for better mental health and wellbeing.

If your organisation would like to discuss a bespoke/customised partnership, please Contact Us.

Together we can empower more healthy female leadership (at all levels) to close the gender equity gap in the workplace. By addressing key health and wellbeing concerns, we better understand the complexity and can build more sustainable solutions together. We celebrate progress and offer a better future for the next generation of leaders

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