Global Women 4 Wellbeing


We are GW4W.

A global non-profit organization passionate about

healthy female leadership.

A key question that motivates us is – why are we in 2022 – still struggling to tackle some of our most prolific, persistent problems and predicaments – inequality, injustice, illness, violence and disease.

We believe it’s time for change, and therefore it’s time for a shift in leadership, time for new approaches to leading hard change.

And we believe that it is women who are healthy, whole and inspired – armed with evidence that can be the source of that change we long for, from their positions of leadership – whether that be in the home, the community, the workplace, the C-suite and beyond.

So we are on a mission to provide an internationally inclusive platform that supports and empowers women leaders to evolve, GROW and become influential change-makers in their space.

Our vision is a world where all women are equal, have agency over their lives and lead where compassion is accepted as a strength, collaboration is the norm and authentic, inclusive leadership is celebrated. Where women’s health and wellbeing is central to their ability to lead well.

Our approach to achieving this is by empowering global female leaders, fostering their health and wellbeing, while fulfilling their sense of purpose and belonging.

Join us. We are stronger together.


Your financial support

If you haven’t made your gift for 2022, donate now to support our mission and our next research project – addressing the mental and social-emotional wellbeing of some of the world’s most at risk female workers.

For more details, see our next Research Project

From some of our members  

“What excites me the most about Global Women 4 Wellbeing is the diversity of thought and people that it brings together. Every time I’m at a GW4W event, the people I meet and the work they are doing is just fantastic…As a business owner myself of a women’s health company, I’ve made incredible partnerships that are just the beginning of what could be.”

– Jill Angelo, Founder and CEO, Gennev, GW4W founding member, Seattle, WA – USA

“What I love about GW4W is that it’s a community on a mission to build each other up. At GW4W, everyone is encouraged to use their voice, everyone is listened to, and everyone learns from each other. I’m thankful to GW4W for teaching me that by empowering women in society will move forward for the better of us all, and most importantly, that we mustn’t stop moving!”

– Helen Watterson – GW4W member, student, London – UK

“I am honored to be in your network. Thanks so much. You and your “tribe” are such an amazing organization.”

– Suzanne Nance, GW4W member, Global Health Promotion Coordinator and Author, “Lead From the Top,” Chicago, IL – USA

“Attending the GW4W March event in London really opened my eyes and made me realise the lack of younger voices. It was highlighted to me that if we don’t have younger voices then we aren’t going to reach equality. Once I talked with Nancy Board about some sexism that has occurred at school, I was ready to take the next steps for a more equal world and fight the battle using my own experiences. Thank you for listening so intently Nancy – it had an impact on me.”

– Anneli Brett – GW4W member, student, London – UK


Caregiving, Leadership, and Financial Wellbeing:

Connecting the Issues That Hold Women Back

Accelerator events

Thought leaders come together to share insights and create awareness of how we can become healthier, more action directed leaders. GW4W hosts Accelerator events bringing diverse voices and change agents to the table. 

V.O.I.C.E. from some of our attendees 

“Meeting other people, the ‘levelness’ of the event, it wasn’t man hating, it was common sense. It was about a re-set and the importance of well being and everything I believe in.”  

“What I liked was the kindness of the organizing teams and your hospitality. As a student, I felt welcomed. I also appreciated that in an event like this, we could hear the voice of men – which seems to me to be essential today on these subjects.”  

“It was great to hear so many stories from the speakers who are trying to make women stand out and have their own voice.”

“Possibility to interact with experienced leaders in the field willing to find ways to connect women AND men to address the root causes of the lack of progress on gender equality.”

“The diversity of women attending, the variety of experiences shared, the instant camaraderie.”

The GW4W Summer Get Together left us in awe, impressed, moved & inspired. We talked, laughed, ate, drank and most importantly – we listened & shared. This is what happens when passionate, open, talented & committed people come together in support of a great cause. It’s the start of something, that aims to change the world for the necessary recognition & equality of women, which benefits us all.”

“I can’t be an effective leader if I’m not taking care of myself.”

“What more can I say – It was a fabulous evening – Can’t wait for the next one!”


Corporate Champions

We are grateful to the following organizations who believe in us and have given their generous support.