Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

As a member, you’ll be connected to women from all walks of life who join together to support the GW4W mission, and you will:

  • Attend conferences and accelerator events at deeply reduced rates (Member rates are 25-40% off non-member rates).
  • Participate in free professional webinars delivered by GW4W Members worldwide.
  • Receive discounts to products and services that support women owned businesses. (See more on this below)
  • Be invited to participate in focused research on women.
  • Engage in cross-disciplinary mentoring in business and community leadership that embody head, heart and hands leadership.
  • Have access to an amazing network of women and men who promote healthy female leadership practices at all levels and use their voice for good.
  • Build connections, create opportunities and find inspiration through the GW4W family.

Other benefits through partnerships include:

  • Discounted Membership for NWI and WELCOA members.
  • Opportunities for you and your business to be highlighted/showcased at accelerator events and conferences.


Product and Service Discounts


Jill Angelo, Co-founder and CEO

gennev has a global mission to empower every woman to take control of her health in midlife. Started in 2016 by GW4W Founding Member and former Microsoft executive, Jill Angelo, gennev is demystifying the midlife health transition every woman goes through by offering trusted content, community, products and resources personalized for a woman’s menopause profile and tele-health access to health providers. Backed by a community of OBGYN physicians, health providers, technologists, and business experts, gennev aspires to bring the benefits of digital health management for menopause to millions. Join us and be empowered to take control of your health!

GW4W members receive discounts on gennev’s products, services and programs.

GW4W Members have free access to, a full-service vacation education, incentive and facilitation platform that offers you an affordable way to take time for you.

SuiteBreak offers a full array of travel and vacation options, including 700,000 hotels and resorts, all major car rental agencies, cruise lines, flights and activities. So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a family holiday or a solo adventure, we hope this benefit helps you discover the power of an unplugged vacation.

We invite you to make a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing by scheduling your personal renewal time.

CoveyClub – Lesley Jane Seymour

CoveyClub is an online club for women 40+ who want to continue learning, growing and expanding their world by making new friends and deeper connections. As a GW4W Member, Former Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine– the leading lifestyle magazine for women over forty with a readership of 1.5 million – Lesley Jane Seymour  offers GW4W Member discounts to select CoveyClub events.

Mark Edward Partners Insurance (MEP)

  • Mark Edward Partners has established themselves as a leader in the insurance brokerage industry and values the contributions of its employees who fully support the great strides that minorities, women and the LGBTQ community have made as leaders within their company and industry.
  • Through their commitment to diversity and inclusion, MEP has a dedicated unit that focuses exclusively on helping the underserved personal and commercial risk management needs of businesses owned by women, minorities and the LGBTQ community at large.

It is important that our community has access to resources to help them navigate the complex risk management challenges they face. MEP provides tailored solutions, advocacy and counsel directly from individuals with experience and that recognize and manage cultural biases in businesses.

Our GW4W contact at MEP is Colleen Quiggle-Miskulin. Colleen is a senior leader with over 30 years of experience working with a diverse group of personal and commercial clients.

Contact MEP

  • We invite you to reach out to the MEP Team to discuss both your personal and your commercial insurance needs for any business you own and/or manage.
  • MEP has committed to help any GW4W member with their commercial needs whether you are a start-up, small business, middle market company or large organization.

How MEP can help you.

  • MEPs approach is consultative and is not to randomly go out to market or obtain quotes but to provide at no cost or obligation an in-depth review on your current portfolio of coverages.
  • A review is developed and created internally with their own intellectual capital and understanding of the markets not by going out for quotes.
  • Renewal dates are not important, as any deficiencies in the policies can be identified and corrected to protect you and/or your business.
  • All that is needed to conduct the review is complete copies of the policies currently in force.

What they may find: what you are doing right, any shortcomings, gaps and excessive premiums paid.  They will also make recommendations on coverages potentially missing from the portfolio to address specific exposures.

If MEP is successful in becoming the broker representative for any GW4W member, 10% of their proceeds annually will come back to GW4W to help fuel our research.  This commitment will continue for as long as they represent the member.

Contact Information

For a no obligation, no cost review, contact Colleen at (917) 854-6789 or by email at

We believe this is a partnership that can help protect you and help your company thrive.  Reach out anytime to MEP.

Wilcox Financial Group

Nicholle Overkamp, MBA

GW4W Member, Founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial GroupNicholle Overkamp offers financial planning services to working women everywhere. GW4W Members can receive a one-hour free consultation from Nicholle.

P2 Probiotics 

Most products used to keep our homes, workplaces, bodies and pets clean are harming us. This is why P2 environmental PROBIOTIC products are so important to your overall health and well-being. They replenish the good bacteria you need – into the air, on surfaces, on your skin, on your teeth – and create a naturally clean and protected environment. P2 founder, Heather Holmes, is excited to show you a path to better health and wellness. P2 is giving back 5% to GW4W on all purchases of P2 products and a 10% discount for all GW4W members.

The She Shift

GW4W Member Melissa Clark is the founder of the She Shift, a platform that offers products and services to promote and empower businesswomen. Melissa will offer GW4W Members discounts off of her regular consulting fee.

Karina Muller, Maripossa Wellness

Maripossa Wellness founder, CEO and GW4W MemberKarina Muller offers innovative solutions for healthier living through specialized programs of training and education. Each program is custom tailored to individual company needs, focusing on preventative care and impactful behavior change and improved physical health and deepened wellbeing.

Maripossa Wellness gives GW4W a donation back for every sale of their essential oils, Calm and Balance.

Sean Harvey, Chief Compassion Officer and Founder

Enneagram for Practitioners

The Enneagram is a deeper-level assessment that helps you understand the core motivations that drive behavior and action (or inaction). If you’re interested (or have been interested) in taking the Enneagram to experience the depth and richness of this powerful instrument, this is an opportunity to receive an individualized debrief of the Enneagram Standard or Professional Reports.

Integrative9 Enneagram Standard Report
Includes One-hour Enneagram Debrief

Regular: $395
GW4W Discounted Rate: $350

Integrative9 Enneagram Professional Report (standard + leadership profile) Includes Two-hour Enneagram Debrief 

Regular: $585
GW4W Discounted Rate: $500

More Action with Your Ideal Clients using LinkedIn

Want to build a massive network of ideal customers on LinkedIn and engage with them like never before? Jennifer Darling shows you her top secrets to connect with 10x more prospects, create a magnet with your profile, and generate awareness with 1000s of views on your posts.

Jennifer gives you specific feedback to build a phenomenal brand and marketing strategy to get more leads so you can close more sales. She’ll review your profile, run it through her 15-point Rockstar Profile assessment, and tell you what to do to create a giant mega- phone for your business.

You get a (:30) minute video call where she will walk you through exactly what you need to do to generate enormous reach. You’ll receive a copy of the completed assessment, and a video playback of your call. 

Special rates for GW4W Members:

1. Assessment: $247

2. Deep Dive Virtual Training: $597

3.  Assessment, Virtual Training, Banner, and Follow Up Call: $997

PLUS –  10% contribution will be made to GW4W for referrals to one of the programs. (916) 204-3293