Combatting Systemic Pay Inequity

Jill Kane is an HR leader specializing in corporate compensation and workplace wellness. With over 20 years of experience leading corporate compensation and strategic HR programs, Jill understands how to successfully design, implement, and evaluate compensation programs, practices, and policies to ensure they are equitable and serve the best interests of a diverse employee population.


Title: Combatting Systemic Pay Inequity

Time: 12noon – 1:00pm EST

Date: January 20th, 2022

Cost: GW4W Member cost: $15.00 / Non-members – $25.00


Summary of workshop:

As we enter 2022, the “Great Resignation” is upon us. Now more than ever, it’s critical for women and organizations looking to hire and retain top talent, to understand the importance of pay equity. Burnout, stress, and pandemic exhaustion has many women looking to move up, move over or change up their careers.

This workshop is for employers, job seekers and anyone wanting to learn how to negotiate for fair and equitable pay.

By attending this program, you will be:

  • Better positioned – whether as a new job seeker or looking to move up within your organization – to maximize your compensation so you are paid what you are worth.
  • As job seekers, we will help you identify what to look for, what to ask for and what to never settle for. You’ll be given tools and resources to equip you along your career path and ensure you are never short-changed.
  • As a manager or leader looking to ensure equitable hiring practices, you’ll be given practical steps to ensure your compensation program is designed to prevent pay inequities.

Register today for this important program in closing the pay equity gap and achieving greater financial wellbeing.