Gender Bridge Building for Your Organization – GW4W is partnering with GenderARC to provide a customized approach to addressing gender gap challenges.  Workshops, trainings and consulting through GenderARC will provide a safe and transparent way for both women and men in your organization to understand spoken and unspoken biases. Learn how to connect with a healthier leadership approach that incorporates the best of the masculine and feminine for more effective inclusion, better innovation and a more effective approach to gender equity. For more information, go to or contact GW4W at

Women, Leadership and the Inner Voice – Women at all levels often struggle with changing the inner voice into something that can positively influence their lives.  The messages of “Not good enough,” “Not the right age,” “Not experienced enough,” “Not the right physical type,” and “Not doing enough,” can have a very negative impact on a women’s health and overall wellbeing.  That, in turn, impacts not only how a woman leads but her ability to lead at her best.  The inner voice also includes the often ignored fact that at least 25% of the women in the workplace have had real trauma:  sexual, verbal and/or physical abuse.  By meaningfully recognizing and addressing the inner voice, women can move towards a healthier, more authentic way of leading for themselves and their teams.  We make sure that the mental health and wellbeing side of this issue is handled in a professional and compassionate way. We work with organizations to then highlight the company’s benefits and offerings to better support women’s health and wellbeing in their working environment.  Learn more by emailing us at

$10 for 10 Million Voices – Events and Workshops for Colleges and Universities –GW4W is proud to offer customized on-campus events and trainings for colleges and universities to discuss healthier gender balance.  As the next generation of leaders enters the workforce, they have the unique opportunity to accelerate positive gender change.  GW4W will bring in diverse leaders to spark meaningful conversation, engage your students, faculty and staff to participate, and can provide support to address on-campus gender gap challenges.  Students can join GW4W at $10 to have access to thought leadership and member benefits.  Contact GW4W at for more information.