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We Deliver Alignment and Brand Awareness, Culturally Specific Events, Strategy / Consulting / Think Tanks, Trends on Global Gender Issues, Customized / Bespoke Programs and Events, Online and in person for sponsors and clients, Uniquely designed to inspire, build connection and deliver action steps.

Interested in addressing gender equity issues?

Are you looking for world class speakers for your organization or event? GW4W has a diverse network of global senior executives, experienced speakers and thought leaders with a track record of success. They inspire change and demonstrate action. 

GW4W develops bespoke programming in collaboration with our client organizations. Below is just a sample of programs / talks available. Contact us for more details at

London, 2020

Bridging the Gender Gap – Healthy Leadership

This experiential workshop aims to create a more collaborative path forward. Designed to consider each organization’s culture, resources and goals, it provides deeper exploration of the biases around masculine and feminine leadership styles.

As a result, this interactive format will move participants towards creating healthier leadership models, regardless of gender. This workshop can be customized for 90-minutes, ½ day or as a full day program.

Leading from Within – The Inner Voice 

Leadership is an “inside” job. Women at all levels can struggle with changing their inner voice into something positive.  The messages of “Not good enough,” “Not smart enough,” “Not experienced enough,” can have a negative impact on a woman’s health and wellbeing.  As a result, this impacts not only how a woman leads but her ability to lead at her best. 

This ½ or full day workshop addresses the inner voice that holds women back from achieving their full potential. And given that at least 25% of women have experienced trauma at some point in their life, this workshop is designed to create a safe space for honest conversations. We deliver crucial self-care steps for moving beyond fear, doubt and shame. Within a supportive environment, this experiential program provides opportunities to break through barriers as we explore healthy female leadership.

Staying Resilient Across the Arc of Your Career

Resiliency is critical to moving through change. Being able to adapt, bounce back, and embrace patterns that support resilience can help you be successful at any stage. Attendees will learn how to uniquely build upon their own resilience, how to support teams, and identify ways to address the unique challenges that arise early career, mid-career and beyond. 

Women, Wealth, Wellbeing and the Workplace

Women represent 50% of the workforce yet have not reached parity in many key areas, such as pay, health and leadership. As a result, these inequities can impact a woman’s ability to earn money. Decisions women make throughout their careers are often influenced by their own health and the wellbeing of their family.

Women’s health and wellbeing issues often go unaddressed, and are even “invisible” in the workplace. Research shows that women’s health and development needs change over time and women are not achieving parity in the workplace.

Organizations that understand and support a holistic approach to retaining female talent will be in a better position to thrive. This training can be adapted for both women’s and men’s leadership groups.

Visual Images – The Health Impact on Women and Leadership

From the time girls are young, they are bombarded with unrealistic images of the “perfect” woman. Living up to this “perfection” can have a profound impact on their health, wellbeing and self-esteem.

70% of teens define the ideal body image as what they see in fashion magazines. 5% of women naturally possess a body type often portrayed in media. 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies, trying endless diets to achieve their “ideal” self. 

Boys are also influenced by these images of what women “should” look like. Though there has been some progress in advertisement campaigns by companies like Dove, most images in our media continue to be heavily focused on thin, white, young women.  

This session explores the historical context of women’s images in the media from a diversity lens. We consider the implications of visual images on debilitating illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia. With a lack of attention to diversity, inclusion of all body types and rampant ageism, we will explore the deeper impact on the female psyche across the lifespan. We’ll look at perception vs. reality and discuss how to help women embrace a healthier view of themselves as leaders.

Consultation and Programming

GW4W delivers workshops, programs and consultations for corporations, universities, associations, and conferences. Samples include the Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable in Bangalore; Bastyr University in Seattle; CBS Network in New York City; Design Well annual conference in San Diego; International Employee Assistance Professionals Association annual conference in St. Louis; the National Wellness Institute in St. Paul; SHINE/Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health in Cambridge; Teikyo University in Tokyo; UN Women – New York Metro in New York City; Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires; University of East London in London; Washington University in St. Louis; and Willis Towers Watson in the UK.

What Some Participants Have Said

“The possibility to interact with experienced leaders in the field willing to find ways to connect women AND men to address the root causes of the lack of progress on gender equality.”

“What I liked was the kindness of the organizing teams and your hospitality. As a student, I felt welcomed. I also appreciated that in an event like this, we could hear the voice of men – which seems to me to be essential today on these subjects.”  

“It was great to hear so many stories from the speakers who are trying to make women stand out and have their own voice.”

 “The diversity of women attending, the variety of experiences shared, the instant camaraderie.”


Nancy Board’s presentation at EAPA in St Louis: “Women, Wealth, Wellbeing and the Workplace” was spectacular. One of GW4W’s main missions is based on the fact: ” women represent 50% of the workforce, thus it is critical that the next generation of women are better supported so they are more prepared to step into leadership positions”. It was impressive to see how this international organization, built on their four pillars of Research; Leadership, Inspiration and Mentorship, has created an incredible international movement to support women in all aspect of their lives.

As a researcher in the sexual assault arena, I was thrilled to see their research on how childhood experiences effect one’s potential for rape/sexual assaults. This is something that many of us in the MST & Sexual Assault field have suspected but to date have been unable to provide with solid empirical proof. I highly recommend that if one missed this presentation, that they obtain a copy of these slides. They offer an incredible trove of invaluable resources.

– Patricia A. Herlihy PH.D., RN

Having worked with Nancy as a colleague and collaborator for many years, I have come to know her values and customer-focused work ethic. Seeing her keynote at EAPA on Women, Wealth, Wellbeing and the Workplace brought together a lot of this rich experience, and I encourage others to join and follow Nancy and GW4W in this needed cultural shift.

– David Levine, Principal, Global Care Experts

Events / Workshops for Colleges and Universities

Student V.O.I.C.E.s from University of East London – March 2020
Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires, Argentina – October 2018

$10 for 10 Million Voices

GW4W is proud to offer customized on-campus events for colleges and universities that focus on healthier gender balance, leadership and better wellbeing. 

We brings together diverse leaders to spark meaningful conversation to engage students and faculty and can provide support to address on-campus gender challenges. 

We welcome student voices to be part of the solution. Students can join GW4W at $10 USD (equivalent) for access to thought leaders and other member benefits.  

Washington University in St. Louis – October 2019
University students and faculty – October 2019

Above – GW4W leaders hosted a program on Women and WellbeingGender Equity and Why it Matters at Washington University in St. Louis, that drew in faculty and students. Additionally, in November of 2019, GW4W Leaders presented at the University of East London in the UK.