Interested in addressing gender equity issues for sustainable change? GW4W’s senior leaders and membership network consist of global thought leaders, executives, researchers, health and policy experts, and more whose voices and impact has reached hundreds of thousands across the globe. Below is just a sample of programs / talks available to your organization or institution. Contact us for more details at

Nancy Board, COO – GW4W with Sean Harvey, Co-founder – Gender Arc

Gender Bridge Building – GW4W partners with GenderARC to provide a customized approach to addressing gender gap challenges.  Workshops, trainings and consulting through GenderARC will provide a safe and transparent way for both women and men in your organization to understand spoken and unspoken biases. Learn how to connect with a healthier leadership approach that incorporates the best of the masculine and feminine for more effective inclusion, better innovation and a more effective approach to gender equity. For more information see

Women, Leadership and the Inner Voice – Women at all levels often struggle with changing the inner voice into something that can positively influence their lives.  The messages of “Not good enough,” “Not the right age,” “Not experienced enough,” “Not the right physical type,” and “Not doing enough,” can have a very negative impact on a women’s health and overall wellbeing.  That, in turn, impacts not only how a woman leads but her ability to lead at her best.  The inner voice also includes the often ignored fact that at least 25% of the women in the workplace have had real trauma:  sexual, verbal and/or physical abuse.  By meaningfully recognizing and addressing the inner voice, women can move towards a healthier, more authentic way of leading for themselves and their teams.  We make sure that the mental health and wellbeing side of this issue is handled in a professional and compassionate way. We work with organizations to then highlight the company’s benefits and offerings to better support women’s health and wellbeing in their working environment.  Learn more by emailing us at

Keynotes and Talks

Nancy Board’s presentation at EAPA in St Louis: “Women, Wealth, Wellbeing and the Workplace” was spectacular. One of GW4W’s main missions is based on the fact: ” women represent 50% of the workforce, thus it is critical that the next generation of women are better supported so they are more prepared to step into leadership positions”. It was impressive to see how this international organization, built on their four pillars of Research; Leadership, Inspiration and Mentorship, has created an incredible international movement to support women in all aspect of their lives.

As a researcher in the sexual assault arena, I was thrilled to see their research on how childhood experiences effect one’s potential for rape/sexual assaults. This is something that many of us in the MST & Sexual Assault field have suspected but to date have been unable to provide with solid empirical proof. I highly recommend that if one missed this presentation, that they obtain a copy of these slides. They offer an incredible trove of invaluable resources.  

– Patricia A. Herlihy PH.D., RN

Nancy Board, Co-Founder and COO, GW4W – Keynote –
St. Louis, MO – September 2019

Having worked with Nancy as a colleague and collaborator for many years, I have come to know her values and customer-focused work ethic. Seeing her keynote at EAPA on Women, Wealth, Wellbeing and the Workplace brought together a lot of this rich experience, and I encourage others to join and follow Nancy and GW4W in this needed cultural shift.

– David Levine, Principal, Global Care Experts

Events / Workshops for Colleges and Universities

Universidad de San Andreas, Buenos Aires, Argentina – October, 2018

$10 for 10 Million Voices – GW4W is proud to offer customized on-campus events and trainings for colleges and universities to discuss healthier gender balance.  As the next generation of leaders enters the workforce, they have the unique opportunity to accelerate positive gender change.  GW4W will bring in diverse leaders to spark meaningful conversation, engage your students, faculty and staff to participate, and can provide support to address on-campus gender gap challenges.  Students can join GW4W at $10 to have access to thought leadership and member benefits.  Contact GW4W at for more information.

Washington University in St. Louis – October 2019
University students and faculty at Washington University – October, 2019

In October 2019, GW4W leadership hosted a program on Women and WellbeingGender Equity and Why it Matters – at Washington University in St. Louis, that drew in faculty and students. In November, 2019, GW4W Leadership will be presenting at the University of East London in the UK. Stay tuned for more on future college and university events in our E-news and on our Events tab.