GW4W in London for Intl. Women’s Day Hosted by Willis Towers Watson

Founding Member Jill Angelo secures $4M in Venture Capital for Startup in Digital Health for Women in Midlife.  So proud of you, Jill and gennev!

 August 2019

Women, Leadership, and the Benefits of Gender Inclusion

Global Wellness Institute™ Wellness at Work Initiative

By: GW4W Co-founder and CEO, Mim Senft 

August, 2019

GW4W Co-founder and COO , Nancy Board

De-Stigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace – From the Minds of the Experts

Interview by Tyler Kaufman, Archetype Solutions Group

March 12th, 2019

Changing lives with a PoP

GW4W Board Member Gina Parekh, Singapore

After an enviable medical and corporate career, Dr Rajeshree Nimish Parekh has dedicated her life to empowering women. Her method of choice: empowering women through the intricacies of beading and braiding.

Are You Flourishing at Work? What It Means and Why Its Important


By Lesley Jane Seymour

Are You Flourishing at Work? What It Means and Why It’s Important

A Program to Give Workforce Well-being a Boost

GW4W Advisory Member Dr. Eileen McNeely at the Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University

Harvard Chan School’s SHINE aims to help employees flourish

Recap Of The First Annual Design Well Conference

 Industry Events   

by  GW4W Board Member and 

Healthy Female Leadership:
A better way to address the gender equity gap

January 30, 2019

Interview with GW4W Board Chair, Kim Davis

The Best Innovations Come From Teams That Bring Diverse Mindsets And Life Experiences From Varied Genders, Ethnicities, Sexual Orientations, Education Levels

Authority Magazine 

By Jilea Hemmings – July 17, 2018

Demand is High for Women Only Work Spaces 

By Leigh Stringer, GW4W Board Member for Slate.

Smartphones: A Blessing or a Curse

DESTINY Magazine

A growing body of research is linking mental health problems among children to smartphone usage and forcing us to confront the possibility that the robots in our pockets are compromising our well-being.

Interview with GW4W Co-founder and COO, Nancy Board

How Can Workplace Design Improve Our Emotional Safety?

Work Design Magazine

Author and workplace design specialist, Leigh Stringer outlines important strategies that can be implemented to support emotional safety of not only abuse victims, but all employees as well.

This Nonprofit is Trying to Make Workplaces Better for Women

Work Design Magazine

As the number of women in the U.S. workforce grows, Global Women for Wellbeing is leading the charge to address the differences in how men and women work, lead, process, and even heal.

Creating a Diverse Culture of Talent in a Multi-Generational Workforce

HR Tech Outlook

Diving Into Tech

Austin Woman

Dr. Tausha (Robertson) Orakwue, a health-care expert working in private equity, shares her journey to becoming a first-time mobile app developer.