Empowering healthy female leaders at all levels for a more sustainable world.

We welcome women from all backgrounds who want to see positive change as well as men that stand beside us in our mission.

What Makes Us Unique?

We produce quality, unbiased research for women’s health, wellbeing and leadership challenges.

We build on the inspiration that comes from sharing stories, wisdom, mentoring and advocacy.

We highlight self-care for leaders for their own personal empowerment and to be a role model for those they lead.

We honor that true gender equity is about addressing diversity, inclusion and belonging for all.

Your Voice

We celebrate women’s voices in creating better health and wellbeing for themselves, their businesses and their communities.

Together We Rise.

Benefits of Membership

As a member you will:

  • Be connected to an amazing global network of women and men from all walks of life.
  • Engage with one another and develop deeper friendships, collaborate on business opportunities, and collectively create sustainable change.
  • Attend conferences and accelerator events at deeply reduced rates (Member rates are up to 50% off non-member rates).
  • Engage in cross-disciplinary mentoring in business and community leadership that embody head, heart and hands leadership.
  • Participate in free professional webinars and trainings delivered by GW4W Members worldwide.
  • Receive discounts to products and services that support women owned businesses.
  • Be invited to participate in focused research projects.
  • Engage in cross-disciplinary mentoring in business and community leadership that embody head, heart and hands leadership.
  • Connect with like minded individuals who promote healthy female leadership practices at all levels and use their voice for good.
  • Build connections, create opportunities and find inspiration.

Other benefits through partnerships include:

  • Discounted Membership for NWI and WELCOA members.
  • Opportunities for you and your business to be highlighted/showcased at accelerator events and conferences.

“Probably the greatest benefit of belonging to GW4W is being connected with their amazing network of talented, trail-blazing women who are making a difference in the world. I have not met any other organization yet that has the quite the caliber of super-stars as GW4W. As a result of my membership, I found a business partner in other country and am now conducting business there. My membership is worth every penny and frankly, its priceless!”  – Grateful anonymous member