Smartphones: A Blessing or a Curse

DESTINY Magazine

A growing body of research is linking mental health problems among children to smartphone usage and forcing us to confront the possibility that the robots in our pockets are compromising our well-being.

How Can Workplace Design Improve Our Emotional Safety?

Work Design Magazine

Author and workplace design specialist, Leigh Stringer outlines important strategies that can be implemented to support emotional safety of not only abuse victims, but all employees as well.

This Nonprofit is Trying to Make Workplaces Better for Women

Work Design Magazine

As the number of women in the U.S. workforce grows, Global Women for Wellbeing is leading the charge to address the differences in how men and women work, lead, process, and even heal.

Creating a Diverse Culture of Talent in a Multi-Generational Workforce

HR Tech Outlook

Diving Into Tech

Austin Woman

Tausha Robertson, a health-care expert working in private equity, shares her journey to becoming a first-time mobile app developer.