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Heart To Heart: The Language of Leadership: Consciously Using Language to Create Engagement

October 6 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Date: Tues. October 6, 12 Noon EST
Featured Speakers: Leslie Ritter, Priti Robyn Ross, and Beatrix Eder  

What words comes to mind when you think of leadership? For many, they often reflect a more masculine value system, one that has been around for centuries. But 21st century problems require teams that are integrated across the gender spectrum. Join us for an in-depth discussion on how leaders at all levels can use communication to create better gender balance, more intentional inclusion and a deeper awareness of when and how words can be used by leaders to create a more engaging working culture. We’ll be exploring some of the barriers around stereotypes, the potential impact of leadership language on employee health and wellbeing, and sharing action steps leaders can take for themselves and for their teams to create a working environment where everyone can thrive. 

About Our Panelists:
Beatrix Eder is a Transformational Coach based in Singapore. She is passionate about Inclusive Leadership and wants to set a new tone for business and the world by creating a more inclusive reality. Her clients are leaders from Fortune 500 companies who are managing teams across different geographic locations and with differences in gender, race, generation and culture. Beatrix supports & challenges her clients to practice Inclusive Leadership so as to foster cohesive and creative teams that thrive on diversity and change. 

Leslie Ritter is a coach/facilitator of individual and group transformation. As the former Wellness Director for the visionary women’s clothing company, Eileen Fisher, she helped to build a culture of wellbeing, connection and caring. She co-created a rich personal growth and development program for employees which focuses on expanding mind/body/emotion and spirit awareness as a path to individual purpose and deep wellbeing. Leslie is certified in Enneagram coaching for individuals and teams. She believes that the path of self discovery, to our deepest humanity, compassion and purpose is what will ultimately heal our world. Leslie is also a professional singer, massage therapist, mindfulness practitioner/teacher, and she brings her wide experience in life to her work as a coach and facilitator. 

Priti Robyn Ross, a wellness educator, international workshop leader and yoga & meditation teacher for over 25 years. Priti has directed four nationally certified 200 & 500 hr yoga teacher trainings. Most notably, she is a published author in two major medical textbooks on therapeutic yoga. Priti has developed groundbreaking yoga and wellness programs in major NYC hospitals and Stress Management programs for top international corporations. Priti shares her skills in science and spirit with a boundless passion with depth, heart and accessibility, supporting others to unleash their infinite potential.www.LifeAsYoga.com


October 6
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm