Why GW4W? Hear from two of our Co-Founders as they describe our why.

Why GW4WOur Mission:

We give women voice to create better health and wellbeing for themselves, their businesses and their communities. 

V - Vision

O - Opportunity

I - Inspiration

C - Connections

E - Empowerment

Research is needed to better address women's health and wellbeing issues. And we need leadership to act on that research.

Women have different health risks than men

  • Most health studies are done with male participants
  • Women react to stress, drugs, shift work differently than men and often have different symptoms than men for health risks such as heart disease
  • There is very limited funding for women's health and wellbeing issues

Most people on the front lines of health and wellbeing are women and yet most of the executives in these industries are men. We need the next generation of women to be supported and ready to step into leadership positions.

Women in the workplace have few leadership role models

  • Only 4.6% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women
  • Less than 20% of top tier executives are women
  • Less than 20% of board members of the Fortune 500 are women

There are multiple organizations supporting women in very positive ways. However, there is no place where the information for these organizations is aggregated and accessible.

Women will be better able to support women

  • Bringing the siloed resources together will better support women
  • Highlighting member owned health and wellbeing companies will provide a way for women to support women
  • Building connections for women at all socioeconomic levels will help create more sustainable businesses and communities

We need to share all the great work that is being done by women around the world to inspire each other. Women need to see other women that are leading successful health and wellbeing initiatives to inspire them.

Women can see opportunity by being inspired by other women

  • Whether it's a lactation coach, a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a coach, a business leader, or a community activist, GW4W will tell their story
  • Women will see what's possible by hearing what other women have accomplished
  • Women from all backgrounds will be highlighted so that all voices are recognized and heard