Your Voice, Our Mission:
The GW4W community is dedicated to supporting more women
to become healthy leaders for a more sustainable world
We are Global Women 4 Wellbeing

Welcome to our amazing community. We are a diverse group of dedicated professionals who will be there for all of our members and local & regional communities. Learn more about our mission, our team, and how you can join our network or support us as a partner or sponsor.

A Community for Shared Success

We are bigger than a network, we are a diverse family of professionals committed to each others' growth, development, and ever-expanding potential.

The core aspect of that network is in empowering everyone who joins with us. As a member, you'll be connected to women from all walks of life that are joining together to support the GW4W mission.

  • You will be invited to join conferences and events that focus on connection, sharing, mentoring, personal renewal, and inspiration for all women who want a healthier, more sustainable world.
  • You will be inspired by stories of women in the global community who are using their voice for good. Build your path from their examples, and connect with them, too. Learn about some of our stories.
  • As a member, you will have a voice in what research gets funded. This research can make incredible impact on the lives of women across the world, and help communities support health initiatives to further the success of women everywhere.
  • GW4W will provide cross-disciplinary mentoring for members in business and community leadership. Mentor the next generation of women to be better prepared to step into leadership roles. Mentor women to embody head, heart and hands leadership.

Unparalleled Mentorship & Personal Growth

Building on our commitment to our members' successes and their potential, we offer a broad-based and welcoming community of mentors, advisers, and fellow organizations and businesses to connect with.

This broader network gives members amazing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are so excited to continue growing the community, the partnerships, and the opportunities for all.

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Our Mission, Your Voice

We give women voice to create better health and wellbeing for themselves, their businesses and their communities. Our core mission centers on the principles of VOICE:

V - Vision
O - Opportunity
I - Inspiration
C - Connections
E - Empowerment

To learn more about our mission and to find a place in our network for yourself or your organization:

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Incredible Stories About Incredible Women

There are also amazing stories that come from our community, and we try to share them every day with our global network of members and committed individuals and organizations. Stories that inspire, stories that might feel bittersweet, and stories that can give you the knowledge you need to live a healthy, full life. Joining our organization – our community – will give you great reasons to keep doing the great work that you do, and to keep building on your own wellbeing.

Read about the impact we're making

Our Board Members are also making the news and sharing stories of their own. Read her wonderful story and learn about how you, too, can keep making an impact in and on your life.
Whether it's in the accomplishments that we are most proud of, or in the people we inspire and build up, GW4W is there for you, is happy to share your story with the world, and is committed to finding paths for your success.

Read Board Member Tausha Robertson's Story of Success

Check our calendar for upcoming events at a location near you.

In 2018, GW4W will be hosting various events throughout the U.S. and in international locations as well.  Stay tuned and check back often for where we will be and when.

Events marked in blue are GW4W hosted events.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the National Wellness Institute. See our special offer for GW4W Members!

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